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Key Feature of Call Center India

Salient Features of Call Center India Services:


1. Quality Evaluation mechanism


We regularly monitor the quality of our staff, especially the Agents who have to directly deal with the customers. We have peer evaluation systems as well as evaluation by Supervisors and also clients. The results of the evaluation are discussed individually so that each person may be motivated to achieve perfection.


2. Quality Check mechanism


To ensure optimum quality, we have a stringent process of scrutiny before any deliverable is actually handed over. All the data is thoroughly checked for the minutest errors.
For Voice Processes, we have 100% recording of all the calls.
We have a quality supervision system in which for every 10 Agents there is 1 Quality Analyst. And there are Quality Supervisors and Quality Managers above them too to ensure that every call is just perfect.


3. Reporting Mechanism


We lay strong emphasis on accurate and regular report maintenance and report sharing. For Voice Process we generate our reports on the basis of all parameters like Talk time, Average time to answer, Hold times, Wait time, Answer times, Wrap times.
Our reports are prepared on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly as well as annual basis. All our reports pertaining to your process are always accessible to you.




At Call Center India, we trust only the best technology.
Our computer systems are by Dell and HCL and we avail a complete IP Network. We have firewalls to ensure security and also have in place a superior technology for IVR systems.




We have complete power back-up system and an alternate data back-up system. For Voice-process, i.e. the call center, the ceiling and walls have sound absorptive material, so that there is no noise disturbance in the call. The Agents have the best headsets and phones for making all the international calls.

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