Three important indicators for Call Center Performance

Important indicators for Call Center PerformanceIn simple words, performance can be defined as the art of achieving perfection and efficiency, consistently. Call center’s performance, similarly is all about achieving the best quality in calls and maximizing the quantity of calls received, consistently.

We may say a call center is high-performing if its agents’ response to customers is consistent, whether it is peak time when call volumes are really high, or in the lean period when call volume dips. The average call centers are distinguished from the leading call centers, only by a comparison of performance between the two.

Five such important indicators of a call center performance are given below:

Call Resolution Efficiency

The key function of an inbound call center is to troubleshoot and resolve the problems of the customers calling in. If the problems of customers don’t get resolved in their first call, then they are compelled to call up again and again. Sometimes the final solution is reached in two calls, sometimes in three. Sometimes the agent is able to resolve the issue, sometimes it has to be escalated to the supervisor level.

A good performing call center is likely to have maximum customer complaints resolved in the first call itself. This is called as the first call resolution rate. A call center, whose second or third call resolution rate is higher than FCR, needs to re-train its agents in the art of solving customer problems. Also the dependence on supervisor for trouble-shooting needs to be reduced. Transferring a call to the supervisor should occur in the rarest of the rare cases, and not the norm.

1. Response Time for Service

A call should be picked up after first two rings, not more, not less. And once the call is connected, the agent should be either made available immediately, or in case of IVR, the option to reach to agent should be offered in the first five seconds of the call.

Doing so leads to a swift response time, which constitutes a key performance indicator of a call center. Delaying of service availability is almost like denying of that service to the customer.

Unwarranted delays in service access will also lead to a negative customer experience, and more customers are likely to get irritated due to the stretched waiting periods.

2. Adherence to Schedule

While each call center might be preparing a forecast and agent schedule, a high-performing call center has the unique ability to implement its plans.

The work environment is disciplined and the agents adhere to the given time-tables.

The presence of these three qualities in a call center indicates towards its ability to deliver perfection and efficiency in its solutions, consistently.