Things to Be Avoided At Delivery Centers by Call Center Outsourcing Services Providers

Things to Be AvoidedThe world is changing at a very rapid pace. Whether it is corporate segment, entertainment world or household things, everything is evolving. Call centers also need to enhance their strategies, technologies and processes in order to deliver high-end services and survive in today’s cut throat competition.

There are many things that should be strictly avoided by call center services providers at their delivery centers. This would help them in enhancing their overall performance and improving the quality of their services.

Some of the most prominent things to be avoided by call centers are:

Stupid Practices: If you just observe the working in your call center for a few days then you would surely find many things that would make you think “Why are we doing that?”  It might be something to do with the reporting system, call hold situations or anything else but it would definitely look like a stupid thing to do. You need to pick out such activities and remove them from your contact center.

Complex IVR: It is a well known fact that most of the users hate IVRs. This is not because they have something against IVR technology but because they are routed to such complex and unmanaged IVR menu systems that it becomes really tough to navigate through it. Avoid complex IVR systems and implement effective strategies for it.  Make it easy for callers to navigate through the menus. Further, getting hold of an agent should not be very tough for them.,

Don’t make them Repeat: Repeating information to agents is one thing that callers hate most. If a user has entered information in the IVR and then reaching an agent, he should not be asked to repeat the same information again to the agent. Call center technology used at your end should be able to make this possible. Today, there are many good software solutions available that could easily fetch the information from the IVR system and present it to the agent handling the call. Further, when the calls are forwarded or transferred to another agent, all the required information should be sent to the new agent so that the caller is not required to repeat the information again.

Well, these are some of the most crucial things that must be taken care of by the service providers. Vendors offering call center services India are known for implementing such strategies at their delivery centers and this makes them so successful. However, this is just the start. If you look further, you will be able to find many more such things. This should not be limited to just voice based services, as non voice services such as offshore email support services can also make good use of such methodologies.