How We Keep Our Agents Stress Free At Call Center India

Stress-Free-LifeManaging stress levels at a call center can be very tough as the nature of this industry is such that it easily develops high levels of stress in agents. We, at Call Center India, know this fact very well and try our best to maintain minimum stress levels at our global delivery center. We have implemented certain strategies to keep our agents stress free.

Here are some of the things that we do to keep our agents stress free:

Recognize the Symptoms: Managers and team leaders at our delivery center are trained to recognize the stress symptoms in agents. This allows us to act quickly and precisely whenever the stress levels start to increase. Mangers are also trained to help agents who are stressed so that their performance is not affected due to it.

Leave Office at Office and Home at Home: This is one of the policies that we always remind our agents as it has been proved that this is the biggest reason for increasing stress levels in professionals. We tell our agents that when they come to office they should leave their home stuff at home and similarly when they leave office they should leave the work at office. This actually works great.

Fun days: Or as our management likes to call it, “The Stress Release Days” are much awaited days at our call center. On this day the whole office, including calling teams, back office support services team etc, participate in some fun activities. This activity is conducted once every month and it is rarely missed by any of the members.

These were some of the things that we do to keep our agents stress free and they have worked well for us till now. If you think that there are some more things that we could do in this matter, or u want to share your thoughts on this then please feel free to leave your comments below.

How to Make Your Call Center a Better Performing Place

Call Center Performing PlaceCall Centers are required to enhance their performance on a regular basis as the competition in the industry is increasing day by day. Further, clients also expect top-notch services and solutions from them as their business heavily depends upon the services that they deliver. We have researched and found that there are some very simple things that could help you in making your call center a better performing place.

Keep Agents engaged:  The best way to enhance the performance of the agents is to keep the agents engaged. The more they are engaged, more will be their productivity. You will need to develop strong relationships with the agents and communicate with them regularly to achieve this.

Implement open-door policy: Having an open door policy can be very effective and beneficial for your overall business. Agents are the ones who face the customers when they call therefore it is much likely that you would get better ideas and suggestions from them. The management should not keep them away and implement an open door policy to encourage them to come forward with their ideas.

Quality is Important Not Numbers: One thing that all call centers should remember is that quality always comes first while delivering services. Most of the call centers are so focused on getting high numbers and more work done that they tend to ignore the quality of their services. This should never be the case. Focus on the quality and your performance will automatically improve.

Improving the performance of your call center services should not be very tough if you just keep the above points in mind. Moreover, you should keep your eyes and ears open to any new techniques and strategies that might help you in improving your services.