Offshore email support service for better customer engagement

We may say that the ‘e’ in e-mail, does not stand for ‘electronic’ any more. The ‘e’ now stands for ‘essential’. E-mail has indeed become essential for engagement with customers.

A recent survey revealed that as many as 74 percent people preferred to send an e-mail to Email-support-servicesthe customer support, instead of calling them up. People who had internet enabled mobiles said that they would rather send an e-mail on the go, instead of calling the customer service agent. This fondness for e-mail will only grow in times to come. People are choosing non-voice support services like e-mail and online chat over the voice-support. This makes it very important for businesses to invest in email support services, if they haven’t done until now!

In times to come, more and more people are going to flood the inbox of customer support. So the businesses now need to get e-mail support services so that they can respond to each customer appropriately and promptly. Here are some reasons why businesses can’t ignore e-mail communication:

  1. Most order queries come through e-mail

Most people who want to place an order will first send a query through e-mail. And the business must assume that this same query has been sent to their competitors as well. Usually an uncertain undecided customer who is just exploring the market will send his queries to many prospective vendors. The vendor who sends the swiftest reply acknowledging and answering the e-mail usually gets the final order.  So if your business is not able to read and reply to all the e-mails on the same day, then you are losing out on business orders and crucial revenue.

2-  Most professionals use e-mails

People who are a part of the corporate culture are habitual to sending e-mails and maintaining a record of their important communication. These professionals also constitute an important customer segment. If these people use and recommend your product to others, then it can prove to be the best word of mouth marketing that you can ever have.

3- Most young people use e-mail

The younger population is highly internet-savvy. So starting from searching for the product they want, to placing an order for it, they use the medium of internet. If they want to know anything regarding a product, they will find out the e-mail id of company representative and send across their query. To target this young generation is important for any company as they are the ones who are the core consumers and can be converted into lifetime buyers.

A company should always have a team of trained professionals to respond to the e-mails. Vendors which provide offshore technical support services and chat support, usually also offer e-mail support.

So if a business wants to develop stronger customer relationships, e-mail is essential!

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How To Reduce Long Queues In Call Centers

The problem of long queues is one area where almost every call center has to suffer. The problem becomes a really big issue during busy periods depending upon the nature of the business. It is very important that call centers reduce these long queues and deliver quick and effective solutions to their customers.

Reduce long queues in call centers

Here are some tips that could help call centers in reducing the long queues:

Make Proper Use Of Call Back Technology: When the queues become too long, it might be a good option to provide call back facility to your customers. When customers are holding the line to get in contact with an agent, you should include an option in the IVR that would allow them to request for a call back from your end.

Get A Forecast Specialist: Knowing when you can expect high volumes of calls could help you in preparing for it in advance. It would be ideal to get the help of a forecast specialist who could predict all the coming requirements in advance. One of your experienced managers could also act in this role. Make your preparations in advance for all the coming requirements.

Add Important Information In Queue Messages: Most of the times customers call in to get answers for common questions. If you can provide this information in the queue messages then you can easily reduce the number of calls coming in. This information could be regarding the issue of certain forms, last date for payments or events etc.

Intelligent Routing: Intelligent routing can easily reduce your AHT and allow you to handle more calls. Every customer support call center should have an intelligent routing system that could route the calls according to the skills of the agents and the requirements of the call. Try to get callers to the right advisors in the very first attempt.

Multi-Skill Agents: If you have agents who are skilled in multiple areas then you can even avoid having an expensive routing system. A single agent would be able to take care of issues in multiple areas therefore your First Call Resolution rate would get better. You will be able to provide right solutions to your customers in the very first attempt.

Long queues can easily frustrate customers and such multiple incidents could easily make your customers think about switching service providers. The above mentioned tips would allow you to handle large call volumes thus helping you in retaining your customers by delivering enhanced BPO Customer Satisfaction.

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Hire Right People For Best Customer Services

People For Best Customer ServicesEverybody is different in some or the other way. Some people can do certain things better than others while some are experts in certain areas. If you can judge the strengths of a person then it would be much easier for you to hire them for your business requirements. Customer service is an entirely different field which requires certain skills or qualities in a person. Hire the right people who have the right set of qualities and you will automatically deliver highly satisfactory customer services.

Here are some of the tips that would help call centers in hiring the right agents:

Get Involved: Most of the call centers just throw the issue of hiring at HR department and expect them to hire the candidates. However, this is not the right way. The people who are directly involved with the customer service should take an active part in the hiring process as they have the right knowledge for the task.

The Right Interview Questions: Make sure that you ask the right questions when you are interviewing candidates for agent profile. Ask them what they think about great customer service and how it should be done. Their views on such topics would help you in understanding whether they are right for your contact center or not.

Hire Them for Their Attitude and Then Train them For Skills: Skills can always be developed in a person through proper training. However, you cannot change the attitude of a person. It is the attitude and the way a person thinks that defines whether he is good for a particular role or not. Hire the people with the right attitude for the job and then train them for skills required for the work.

Call centers should understand that their agents are the most important entity for them and without them it won’t be possible for them to deliver any services. The quality of these agents would actually determine the quality of customer support services that you can offer. Making right decision at the very initial stage, i.e. hiring, would ensure that you are able to provide best customer services.

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How To Enhance Email Support Services?

Email is one the oldest and still prevalent mode of online communication. Many people prefer to use email and chat communication for availing customer support services. This makes it necessary for organizations to have a proper support department that could provide customer support services over these mediums.

We, at Call Center India, are among the best call center outsourcing service providers in the BPO industry and are best known for outsourcing non voice support services to global organizations. We have implemented various strategies to make our offshore email support services more effective. Mentioned below are a few tips that we think would help every vendor in delivering better and more enhanced email support services.

Develop a Suitable Strategy: The strategy that you make for email support should be suitable for your business. It should be in synchronization with your company goals and your customer service objective. If such a correlation is not maintained then your strategy might get under-utilized or might even get misused.

Prepare For Maintenance: When you are dealing with email, you must prepare yourself for strict and pre-planned maintenance. Even the basic implementation would require various maintenance tasks which must be taken care of properly else you may face the problem of under usage.

Adapt Yourself: The requirements in the email and offshore chat support services segment change very rapidly. As these services are dependent on the IT technology which is a very rapidly changing area therefore you will have to adapt yourself according to the requirements from time to time.

Integrate it With Other Channels: Using EmailE-mail Support as a standalone solution for customer care services is not a good idea. It is only effective when it is clubbed with other support channels. Try to make it a part of a bigger and better support solution so that you are able to get most out of it.

These were some of the things that we follow at our delivery center for enhancing our offshore email support services and we have been able to deliver high BPO customer satisfaction in this segment till now. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with us then please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Things to Be Avoided At Delivery Centers by Call Center Outsourcing Services Providers

Things to Be AvoidedThe world is changing at a very rapid pace. Whether it is corporate segment, entertainment world or household things, everything is evolving. Call centers also need to enhance their strategies, technologies and processes in order to deliver high-end services and survive in today’s cut throat competition.

There are many things that should be strictly avoided by call center services providers at their delivery centers. This would help them in enhancing their overall performance and improving the quality of their services.

Some of the most prominent things to be avoided by call centers are:

Stupid Practices: If you just observe the working in your call center for a few days then you would surely find many things that would make you think “Why are we doing that?”  It might be something to do with the reporting system, call hold situations or anything else but it would definitely look like a stupid thing to do. You need to pick out such activities and remove them from your contact center.

Complex IVR: It is a well known fact that most of the users hate IVRs. This is not because they have something against IVR technology but because they are routed to such complex and unmanaged IVR menu systems that it becomes really tough to navigate through it. Avoid complex IVR systems and implement effective strategies for it.  Make it easy for callers to navigate through the menus. Further, getting hold of an agent should not be very tough for them.,

Don’t make them Repeat: Repeating information to agents is one thing that callers hate most. If a user has entered information in the IVR and then reaching an agent, he should not be asked to repeat the same information again to the agent. Call center technology used at your end should be able to make this possible. Today, there are many good software solutions available that could easily fetch the information from the IVR system and present it to the agent handling the call. Further, when the calls are forwarded or transferred to another agent, all the required information should be sent to the new agent so that the caller is not required to repeat the information again.

Well, these are some of the most crucial things that must be taken care of by the service providers. Vendors offering call center services India are known for implementing such strategies at their delivery centers and this makes them so successful. However, this is just the start. If you look further, you will be able to find many more such things. This should not be limited to just voice based services, as non voice services such as offshore email support services can also make good use of such methodologies.

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How We Keep Our Agents Stress Free At Call Center India

Stress-Free-LifeManaging stress levels at a call center can be very tough as the nature of this industry is such that it easily develops high levels of stress in agents. We, at Call Center India, know this fact very well and try our best to maintain minimum stress levels at our global delivery center. We have implemented certain strategies to keep our agents stress free.

Here are some of the things that we do to keep our agents stress free:

Recognize the Symptoms: Managers and team leaders at our delivery center are trained to recognize the stress symptoms in agents. This allows us to act quickly and precisely whenever the stress levels start to increase. Mangers are also trained to help agents who are stressed so that their performance is not affected due to it.

Leave Office at Office and Home at Home: This is one of the policies that we always remind our agents as it has been proved that this is the biggest reason for increasing stress levels in professionals. We tell our agents that when they come to office they should leave their home stuff at home and similarly when they leave office they should leave the work at office. This actually works great.

Fun days: Or as our management likes to call it, “The Stress Release Days” are much awaited days at our call center. On this day the whole office, including calling teams, back office support services team etc, participate in some fun activities. This activity is conducted once every month and it is rarely missed by any of the members.

These were some of the things that we do to keep our agents stress free and they have worked well for us till now. If you think that there are some more things that we could do in this matter, or u want to share your thoughts on this then please feel free to leave your comments below.

How to Make Your Call Center a Better Performing Place

Call Center Performing PlaceCall Centers are required to enhance their performance on a regular basis as the competition in the industry is increasing day by day. Further, clients also expect top-notch services and solutions from them as their business heavily depends upon the services that they deliver. We have researched and found that there are some very simple things that could help you in making your call center a better performing place.

Keep Agents engaged:  The best way to enhance the performance of the agents is to keep the agents engaged. The more they are engaged, more will be their productivity. You will need to develop strong relationships with the agents and communicate with them regularly to achieve this.

Implement open-door policy: Having an open door policy can be very effective and beneficial for your overall business. Agents are the ones who face the customers when they call therefore it is much likely that you would get better ideas and suggestions from them. The management should not keep them away and implement an open door policy to encourage them to come forward with their ideas.

Quality is Important Not Numbers: One thing that all call centers should remember is that quality always comes first while delivering services. Most of the call centers are so focused on getting high numbers and more work done that they tend to ignore the quality of their services. This should never be the case. Focus on the quality and your performance will automatically improve.

Improving the performance of your call center services should not be very tough if you just keep the above points in mind. Moreover, you should keep your eyes and ears open to any new techniques and strategies that might help you in improving your services.

How Call Center India Provides Improved and Upgraded Quality Every time

Call Center India is a prominent call center services provider offering world class services to global clients. Our aim at Call Centers India is to provide most effective services to our clients and help them in achieving better results for their business. By taking care of their non-core business activities, we try to enhance the overall performance of their business.

Further, we try to enhance our services on a regular basis so that we are able to deliver improved and enhanced services to our clients each and every time. Here are some of the things that make this possible.

We Hire the Right People: The BPO industry offers many great opportunities to young and budding professionals. However, this also creates a few problems. The major problem is that many people who don’t have any interest in this industry and lack the attitude required for the job also join it. We, at Call Center India, make sure that we hire only the right people who have the right attitude for the job.

Smart and Regular Training: Once we have the people with the right attitude for the job, it becomes much easier for us to train them. We also make sure that our agents are provided the most effective training required for their role. Highly experienced trainers are assigned for their training so that they receive best in the industry knowledge. We work on them to turn them into smart agents.

Most Effective Strategies: We have a highly experienced management team which includes some of the very well known industry experts. Their combined knowledge and expertise of various processes allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and enables successful delivery of top-notch call center services.

Quality Every timeOur position in the call center outsourcing industry is among the most reputed and prominent service providers and we believe that it has been possible just because of our enhanced and upgraded services.

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