Offshore email support service for better customer engagement

We may say that the ‘e’ in e-mail, does not stand for ‘electronic’ any more. The ‘e’ now stands for ‘essential’. E-mail has indeed become essential for engagement with customers.

A recent survey revealed that as many as 74 percent people preferred to send an e-mail to Email-support-servicesthe customer support, instead of calling them up. People who had internet enabled mobiles said that they would rather send an e-mail on the go, instead of calling the customer service agent. This fondness for e-mail will only grow in times to come. People are choosing non-voice support services like e-mail and online chat over the voice-support. This makes it very important for businesses to invest in email support services, if they haven’t done until now!

In times to come, more and more people are going to flood the inbox of customer support. So the businesses now need to get e-mail support services so that they can respond to each customer appropriately and promptly. Here are some reasons why businesses can’t ignore e-mail communication:

  1. Most order queries come through e-mail

Most people who want to place an order will first send a query through e-mail. And the business must assume that this same query has been sent to their competitors as well. Usually an uncertain undecided customer who is just exploring the market will send his queries to many prospective vendors. The vendor who sends the swiftest reply acknowledging and answering the e-mail usually gets the final order.  So if your business is not able to read and reply to all the e-mails on the same day, then you are losing out on business orders and crucial revenue.

2-  Most professionals use e-mails

People who are a part of the corporate culture are habitual to sending e-mails and maintaining a record of their important communication. These professionals also constitute an important customer segment. If these people use and recommend your product to others, then it can prove to be the best word of mouth marketing that you can ever have.

3- Most young people use e-mail

The younger population is highly internet-savvy. So starting from searching for the product they want, to placing an order for it, they use the medium of internet. If they want to know anything regarding a product, they will find out the e-mail id of company representative and send across their query. To target this young generation is important for any company as they are the ones who are the core consumers and can be converted into lifetime buyers.

A company should always have a team of trained professionals to respond to the e-mails. Vendors which provide offshore technical support services and chat support, usually also offer e-mail support.

So if a business wants to develop stronger customer relationships, e-mail is essential!

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